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Many physicists including Michelson himself have expressed their concerns for a critical error that persists in modern physics and continues to cost the country billions in wasted research. The total abandonment of the Lorentz theory, which before quantum mechanics suggested that disturbances, like waves, travel with particles through a vacuum without moving it, greatly weakened the foundation of national security and energy research. The Lorentz theory provides the foundations for new high efficiency solar and nuclear energy technologies as well as decrease waste. In particular, spent fuel and depleted uranium, that are now being managed as waste could be a major source of nuclear energy and isotopes.

As Lorentz was ahead of his time, a quasi-political history has led to an erroneous reliance on Einstein's theory of relativity which postulates constancy or isotropy of light velocity. When attempting to mathematically express it, however, Einstein ignores basic algebra rules (the same expression cannot give different results: anisotropic sound but isotropic light velocity) and proceeds to use the anisotropic values of light velocity. Moreover, the field equations of general relativity do not lead to attraction between material bodies and the fair spectral line shifts in enormous fields of dense stars challenge the principle of equivalence of gravity and acceleration.


As per Government guidelines on scientific research, I strongly urge the Federal Government and Congress to support national security, environment, and energy research based on the Lorentz theory to better understand our universe and to enhance economic competitiveness.

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